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We at Ariya Health offer a great range of services. Ranging from a full prescription and dispensary service to comprehensive techincal support and education.

Services - The SUPER 8

  1. Passionate about ‘Practitioner Only in Clinic Only products’
  2. Online ordering and backorder management 
  3. Prescription ordering System - manage repeats and restrict products
  4. Regular seminars
  5. Mentoring events and practitioner tutition 
  6. Clinic disposables supply


We love in-service presentations. If your business would benefit from an in-service presentation...Our practitioner support will organise a time!

"Together let's Network to ensure better patient outcomes"
Test Advice? How to? What to do, What is available?

We assist with practitioner mentoring programs to answer these questions. Post on our Results and Conundrums Board. Accessible for practitioner network members only.



We stock a range of disposables aimed at improving clinic safety.
We supply:
Wall dispensing soaps and disinfectants
Sanitisation supports
Slip proof matting
Toilet paper
Hand towels
Taster cups
Face masks to prevent transfer of infection in sick patients
















We provide an array of disposables to ensure that we provide you with a genuine service that enables you to build your business, maintain a professional environment and the tools to perform your best.

TOP 10 Practitioner disposables
1. Kompliance dispenser week packs
2. Gloves
2. Surface (massage tables, door handles) and hand sanitisation
3. Tissues
4. Bath towels, facial towels.
5. Wall dispenser
6. Bin liners
7. Herb labels / practitioner labels
8. Order books
9. Prescription pads
10. Tamper evident containers and amber bottles

Why kompliance packs? 
Komplaince pack enables the practitioner to compose the specific dosage, it protect your practitioner brand and allows you to market with the right objectives, whilst providing a service.

1. Build relationships; you are providing a service, professional, and individualising treatment regime.
2. Support your professional credibility; using professional tools, improving compliance.
3. Demonstrate your business and industry knowledge; when and how to take medicines and in what combination.
4. Ask for the business: Make a note when to call back for repeats.

Full product descriptions (including pricing), is available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).


We assist in the development of your individualised prescription labels. We coordinate with a quality design company to get the look and professionalism that you are after.

Why practitioner specific labels?
Individualising your dosage. Often the label indicates a dosage that is different from your recommended dose
A marketing strategy that puts you in the fore front of your clients mind. Stylise your market and discover your niche and by using intelligent advertising, incentives and long term client relations.

Full pricing is available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).


Orthoplex White Label

Pure Innovations White Label


Biopharma Nano Range'



Biopharma Nano's Custom Blending Fem21
Brauer Biomedica Biomedicals
Dr Vera Orthoplex Pure Innovations
Nutrition Care Nutritionals Nutrition Care Alcohol Free Liquid Herbs MD Nutritionals
Mediherb Eagle Thompsons
Nutrimedicine Flordis Herbal Extract
Sunherbal China Med Red Peony
Black Pearl Lifestyle Enzymes Heel
Sunpab Medicine Tree Genuine Enzymes
Designer Physique 123 Free Food Detective


Designer Physique
Genuine Enzymes
Wellness Works Thyrosynergy

Full product pricing, descriptions (including PDF technical data sheets), are available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).



Full seminar descriptions, location and pricing, is available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).


We aim to support practitioners in clinic. If you are intending on holding a seminar or training and need a serviced conference room or consultation room for an hour or long term, have a look at our serviced clinical rooms.

We have blood microscopes, iridology imagery devices, client files, massage tables and all of the tools of the trade for hire.

Equipment hire (coagulated bood morphology light microscope, iris diagnosis)**Currently being serviced**

Full list and product descriptions (including pricing), is available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).

Book hire and Suggested Readings Post
By compiling a list of the ‘Most Suggested Reads’ by Practitioners we have gathered some great resources. The aim of this service is to allow you to draw from the experiences of many to enhance you practice, knowledge base or simply indulge in some light reading suggested by like minds. Please suggest some of your own so that this resource can grow.

Patient support stationary and posters 

Local Allied Health Support connections

This list is a combination of allied health professionals regionally specific that are suggest by and referred to by other professionals in the region. Suggest some of your own and develop the resource.

Aside from client referrals, PRACTITIONER REFERRALS are weighted with gold. They are respected. The referral of patients from the complementary medicine practitioner to consultant colleagues is one of the strengths of the health industry. The referral sets up the relationship between practitioners as well as patients. It can formalise the link between practitioners and consultants but also is invaluable in the creation of optimal patient care.

Through our practitioner networking sessions we are able to develop relationships with other practitioners that may complement our patients’ outcomes but also refer to anothers’ strengths.

We all work in the healthcare environment, let’s refer and improve patient care but also professional relationships.


We start as students and rely heavily on our teachers and colleagues as we start our training but often once this official period has finished many of us are professionally isolated. Part of building our career and clinical effectiveness crucially involves those obstacles, tricky cases, seemingly ineffective treatment plans or quirky patient facts. Who do you look to when you want to discuss the case, nut out a treatment plan or troubleshoot the trickier aspects of blood results?

A mentor can assist in the navigation through these times and expand our knowledge base and therefore our clinical efficacy. This will drive business success and patient outcomes.

Good mentors are hard to find, hard to identify and coax to share with you their pearls of wisdom. The good ones will cultivate and inspire you. Finding new mentors for the right stage in your career is also important to gain new insights and assist you onto the next stage

We offer a service in which we aim to identify and make available mentors to assist you. They can be in a group discussion environment or via skype, one-on-one or a seminar format. Whatever the case, we do have a core of practitioners available to provide you with a mentoring service. Just give us a call or send an email and we can direct you as best we can.

As this list is a combination of health professionals and educators that are suggested by, referred to by and used by other professionals in the region please suggest some of your own and develop the resource.



As the world changes and evolves so too does the health industry. Our company wants to make sure that you, our practitioners, are always in line with the most up to date practices and this is why we introduced our patient ordering system 

The benefits to your patients

  • Streamlined process, allowing your chosen practitioner to prescribe appropriate products but allowing you the freedom to fulfil the order when you are ready. This allows your practitioner to support you with their ongoing patient care. Ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

  • Orders are sent direct to you, the patient at your nominated address

  • Repeats are able to be filled quickly and easily


We have made available interesting articles and technical data sheets and comparison tables for you on your desk top or smart phone.

Always being updated, the drop box access to literature and technical data sheets us available on request of you are a current account holder.

Please contact us to ask about this service.


Focus on treating your patients rather than maintaining inventory!

We stock a broad range of Herbs that you may only use now and again. Take advantage of our dispensary and compose the combination of your dreams. We can make up single combinations or pack of 6, 12 or 100.

Dispensary Services offers’ you:

The ability to prescribe custom liquid herbal formulas to meet your patients’ needs.
Choose between loose powder combinations of nutritional support or liquid herbs
An extensive stock of nutritional support products from top manufacturers
Simple ordering format: Simply list the herbs, volume and bottle type and we will compose the magic!
Optional pickup or mailing service directly to your clients
Dispatched within 72hr of order
Research and technical support for products
Email updates when new products are added
Please contact us to ask about this service


Our aim is to support ongoing practitioner and student education so please suggest seminar topics and presenters that have engaged you and enhanced your clinical expertise.
Please note that some seminars are practitioner only.


This post board will be up and running soon to enable practitioners to post questions to be answered by their peers.
Access treatment plans that work, pose questions about clinic tools, query tricky cases.
Post information that is beneficial to the practitioner community and link to fellow practitioners.
Sale of practitioner equipment and notices for practitioner interest.

This post will soon present posts detailing the ‘Success stories’ and ‘Focus On’ practitioner interviews. (Three practices, treating 500 patients 50 years experience)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

Please contact us to ask about this post board.

Ask about :

  • Our products 
  • Our website
  • Seminars
  • Your challenges in clinic
  • Product improvements and suggestions 
  • Products that you can’t find in the market place

Please join our newsletter for the latest practitioner specials, seminars, product updates and networking details.

If you wish to contact us, please fill out the details page and we will get back to you.

We love feedback so that we can improve what we are doing for you and the way we run our business!


The majority of the supplements shown on this website are professionally prescribed by qualified health practitioners though out Australia, some of them however are Queensland Only.

The range of formulations may be available to the following professionals:
Medical Practitioners
Herbal Medicine Therapists
Sports Medicine Physicians
Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners


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