A comprehensive range of Practitioner Only In Clinic Only Products for nutritionally motivated practitioners throughout Australia.  


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Ariya - Biopharma Nano

BioPharma Scientific 

SuperFood Supplements with Better Absorption, Purity and Taste.


Ariya - Biopharma Nano


Sunpab Health offers quality natural health solutions.

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Ariya - Biopharma Nano

The Full Range

From Orthoplex White Lable, Nutrition Care & BioMedica to Mediherb, Eagle and everything you could want in between. Read More...


Welcome to Ariya Health Services

Ariya Health is a National Wholesale Distributor specialising in high quality Practitioner Only Products. We are and always have been a family owned and operated business which supports health practitioners in clinic.
Far North Queensland Nutritionals had been operating in North Queensland for over 20 years, however, as our business expanded nationally, it became evident that we had outgrown our previous business name.
We decided to go with a name that is very special to us "ARIYA". Ariya comes from the Buddhist word meaning, "noble, excellent."  which we felt would, in a word, describe our endeavour to bring this to our daily practice within the industry.

We are bringing a face back to our industry by offering good old fashioned service, reliability and a mutual respect between our clients and ourselves, built on a foundation of support, understanding, honesty and integrity.
We look forward to growing the health industry with you!
Ariya Health hold the full range of Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Herbs including:
  • Biomedica
  • Nutrition Care & Alcohol Free Liquid Herbs
  • Bioconcepts Orthoplex, Orthoplex White Label, Dr Vera, Pure Innovation, Pure Oil Inovations
  • MD Nutritionals
  • Mediherb, Eagle, Nutrimedicine
  • Bio-Medicals Coconut oil, Garcinia range
  • Homeopathic hCG,
  • Designer Physique
  • SunPab
  • BioPharma Nano Range
  • Sunherbal China Med, Red Peony, Black Pearl
  • Lifestyle Enzymes
  • Wellness Works Thyrosynergy
  • Brauer, Heel, Medicine Tree, BioPractica

Full product descriptions (including PDF technical data sheets), are available via Practitioner Only Access (account required).

We also stock a range of dispensary items and customised labels, business cards and signs.
Amber bottles, tamper evident containers, prescription pads and labels.
Pathology test kits.
Pathology and clinic disposables as well as Massage Towels, disinfectant, gloves.
Kompliance packs for prescription trays
Practitioner Services and Support
Serviced Offices for practitioners