Sunpab Product Range

Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance™ may assist in healthy blood sugar balance in healthy individuals. All 5 ingredients have been traditionally used in Chinese and Indian medicine to help balance blood sugar in healthy individuals.Read More


Sunpab Health’s EyeMax™ is formulated to preserve healthy adult eye function and provide nutrients important to the macular region of the eye.Read More

Baby SmartBaby Smart™ supports healthy brain and eye development & was developed in Australia using a scientific validated patented fish oil to produce the maximum DHA content.Read More


Memory Power

Up to 20% of the fatty tissue in a healthy brain consists of DHA so it’s no wonder that supplementation of Omega-3 supports healthy brain function in people of all ages.Read More


Mum 2-B Preconception, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Formula has been developed by Pharmacists, Naturopaths and Health Care Professionals to provide essential nutrients to women prior to and during pregnancy, as well as while breast feeding.Read More

Pain Eze

Pain Eze™ is a natural herbal supplement which acts in five ways to relieve pain and stiffness as well as help rebuild the joint. Each of the ingredients compliment the action of others in this truly superior formula.Read More


Beauty+™ may assist in acquiring healthy, vibrant skin, strong nails and shiny, resilient hair. This age defence formula provides and nutrients that may help reduce the risk of premature aging caused by free radicals.Read More


CardiOz ™ provides a boost of natural energy without the use of harmful energy drinks containing caffeine or other harmful substances which are bad for our health and have been heavily scrutinised by the medical profession.Read More


Our Vision

Sunpab is an innovative Australian based international company.

We strive to manufacture and distribute superior quality natural health products of innovative formulae that produce maximum therapeutic effect and meet customer demand.

Sunpab Health strives for quality, safety and efficacy in their  dedicated research, manufacture and sale. Available in 8 other countries around the world, such as Singapore, Kuwait, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Sunpab Health has developed a strong reputation in the world market for its original and effective products.



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Dispensary Tools

Find an array of disposables to ensure you have the tools to perform your best. Amber bottles, gloves, prescription books, sanitation liquids and wall dispensers...

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We Support

Share the LOVE! We live the ‘Pay It Forward Approach’ and not enough of us are doing it! Let us count the ways we all can give a little bit back. Read more and initiate some random acts of ..

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Creative Collaboration

Imagine what we could do if we all shared our patient treatment tips!

Collaboration trumps competition every time because as we all know …two heads are better than one.

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    Ariya offer a friendly, prompt, efficient service, providing a wide range of quality products and excellent, in depth technical support. Ariya staff go out of their way to look after their practitioners. I remain very loyal to Ariya.
    - Dr Liz Stringer - New Horizons Medical Clinic