Frequently Asked Questions

Top Practitioner frequently asked question?

Q: I have been referred by my practitioner to use the prescription service, what are the benefits? 
A: Selecting your own nutritional supplements can be confusing. Let your healthcare practitioner remove all the guesswork by selecting the right probiotic and dosage for your individualised needs. It is an easy system to navigate, allows personalised prescription service tailored to you. It provides specific products, detailing dosage and repeats. Orders made online will be rapidly processed and sent directly to your nominated address. You may access your prescription at a time and place that suits you. You can be confident that your practitioner has chosen the products that will assist in reaching your health goals. 

Q: I am looking to fulfil my prescription written by my practitioner, what is the process? 
A: Fulfilling your prescription is an easy process. You will need to apply for an account, nominate a shipping address, password and nominate your prescribing practitioner. Ariya will then link your account to your practitioner. Once processed, you will then receive an email confirmaing your account. Once logged in select the prescription service icon and add the prescription number (if provided), the product code and repeats. This is sent through to your practitioner for confirmation and processing. Your online prescription is now set up for ease of ordering and maintenance of your health care requirements.  

Your practitioner is notified and is able to update your prescription, dosage and repeats in order to provide you with ongoing patient care. This optimises your health care plan with your chosen practitioner.  

Registering and activating your Ariya Health account

Q: How do I login to my account? 
A: Your username is your existing Ariya Health email associated with your account.

Q: I have more than one shipping address on my Ariya Health account, how do I place orders for each address online?
A: Permanent changes to your 'ship to' address will need to be finalised by contacting customer service on 07 4721 3666 or email One off shipping changes may be made during your ordering process

Q: Are there any implications on my existing Ariya Health account by registering an account online?
A: By registering a online account, you are simply creating an online link to your existing Ariya Health account to streamline order placement at your convenience anywhere, anytime. Your Ariya Health order will go sync directly with our warehouse for accurate and rapid despatch.

Q: I completed the online account registration and I did not receive the activation link to my email, what should I do?
A: Check your junk mail to make sure the email did not go there. Please call the Ariya Health team via email for help with activating your online account.

Q: How do I log in to my Ariya Health account?
A: A direct link from the activation email may be used, alternatively you may go directly to and sign in by entering your username and the password provided.

Q: How do I register for Ariya Health?
A: Simply click on the "Apply For an Account" link at and follow the steps.

Q: What can I find on Ariya Health?
A: Along with an extensive range of over 1800 Natural Healthcare related products you will also be able to find Educational resources including research findings, Technical & Clinical information and Expert Opinions from Industry leaders. You will also find a calendar of events (Seminars and Webinars). We also have a Community Blog section to allow you to stay in touch with the latest news and trends from Industry experts and ask questions, add comments and participate in this community.

Q: What do I do if I have locked myself out of Ariya Health?
A:  Use the Password Reset function on the homepage.

Q: My password isn't working, what do I do?
A: Use the Password Reset function on the homepage or contact Ariya Health

Q: My shipping address has changed, how do I update this?
A:  Under the Manage My Account menu you can select My Details. Here you can update your address or add a secondary address as well as manage other account details.

Q: How can I change my password? 
A: This function is being upgraded. Use the Password Reset function on the homepage. A random password will be allocated and emailed through. A preferred password can be allocated to your account on request. 

Q: I am a student studying naturopathy, can I register for Ariya Health?
A: Yes.


Placing Orders

Q: How do I start shopping?
A: Once you have signed in, begin shopping by using the search fields in the Product Finder section on the right hand side of the page. You can choose your favourite Ariya Health products by using product codes, product names, selecting a Category, "Specials".

Q: What is the minimum order for free freight?
A: For orders placed in Ariya Health any order over $250 (ex GST) will be shipped "Freight Free".

Q: Do I have to click into My Cart every time I want to increase the quantity on a product?
A:  No, you can use the List View on the Product list page and modify the quantity there.
You can also modify quantity when on the product Details page prior to adding to your cart.

Q: Why is my shopping bag now called my shopping cart?
A:  The Term Shopping cart is more of an online standard and we want to align with more common terminology.

Q: What happens if I accidently click "back" on my internet page while I am in my shopping cart?
A:  Depending on the Browser you use you may have to restart the Check-out again. If you are not sure or do not understand any Browser error messages just call our Customer Service team.

Q: How do I complete a purchase?
A: Once you are satisfied that you have added all your favourite Ariya Health products to your shopping cart,  you can click on "My Cart" at the top right of the page to proceed through the online checkout.

Q: Can I make changes to my order after I have added products to my cart?
A: Yes you cart will be saved and you can continue to add to it until you complete through the Check-Out pages. At this point the order is sent to us for processing and your cart will reset to empty.

Q: Do I have to pay for my order straight away?
A: If you already have a valid Ariya Health account you can choose to either add your purchase to this account for monthly settlement or you can choose to pay now using a valid Visa or Mastercard credit Card.

Q: I have a credit account with Ariya Health, why does Ariya Health ask me to "Pay Now" whenever I do an order online?
A:  If you have a valid credit account with Ariya Health you can use this account or choose to pay by Credit Card...the choice is yours.

Q: What happens if a product I want is out of stock?
A: If a product is Out Of Stock at the time you are shopping then this will be clearly marked on the product on the site. In most cases you will also see a link to suggested substitute items that may suit your needs.

Q: Can I place orders on Ariya Health if I am travelling overseas?
A:  Yes but additional charged will apply if sending outside of Australia.

Q: Can I send orders directly to my patients or directly to customers via Ariya Health?
A: Yes you can add additional delivery addresses either through the Prescription ordering system or during Check out.

Q: How can I browse through products I have previously ordered?
A: Yes you can see lists of Open Orders or previous orders in the Manage My Account section.

Q: Am I still able to phone, fax or email my orders to Ariya Health after registering Ariya Health access?
A: Yes. Your friendly customer service team is always here to help. You can email your orders to or call 07 47213666 to speak with a customer service team member.

Q: Can I change my order after I have checked out?
A: Unfortunately, once an order has been processed, no changes can be made to that order, this includes adding items, removing items, changing quantities or pricing or amending the address. So please check your orders carefully.

Q: Can notes and additional details be added to the order? 
A: During the order process, notes may be added to the order for warehouse staff.

Specials & Short Dated Stock

Q: How can I review any Specials or Short Dated Stock?
A: From the Products Menu you can click on the "Specials" option and this will allow you to see all Special at this time. If you then select the "Short Dated Stock" filter on the left of the page you can see all the Short Dated Stock specials. You can then add to cart or click on the product for more details.

Searching for Products

Q: What is the most effective way to search for a single product?
A: Use the Search tab. If you know the product code simply enter it here and hit GO. If you don't know the product code you can enter a short and unique part of the product name as it appears on the label or in the Ariya Health catalogue and hit enter. In the results you should see the product you are looking for. You can also shop by Brand via the Product tabs on the Homepage.Soon, you will be able to search by nutrients and ingredients. 

In the Product results listings you can also use the filters on the left hand side of the page to browse by category or brand. These will help you filter down the list to find the product or products you are after.

Q: Is the Product Search field case sensitive?
A: No.

Q: If after searching by brand and by product, I cannot find the product I am looking for, what should I conclude?
A: The search term may not be accurate enough to identify the product. The product may not longer be available. If you are unsure please contact customer service.

My Favourites

Q: What are my favourites?
A: 'My Favourites' are a custom favourites list for you to manage and use as a template for placing future orders.

Q: How can I add products to my favourites?
A: In the results of any product search you will notice a add to my favourites tab. Simply click on this icon to add the product to your Favourites. You can add as many items as you like. There is a "My Favourites" button beside each product or and add items directly to your cart.

Q: How can I place an order using 'My Favourites'?
A: Once you have added products to 'My Favourites' click on 'My Favourites' at the top of the page. Each product will have a default order quantity of1. Add the quantity of any items you wish to order and click 'ADD To CART'. This will add all the items to your shopping cart where the quantity entered was 1 or more.

Q: Can I change the quantity ordered in the My Cart section?
A: Yes. Simply change the quantity using the + or - buttons and the quantity will update accordingly. You can also delete an item in the shopping bag by hitting the X icon next to the item.

Q: When I order some products a warning states 'This product is currently out of stock' what does this mean?
A: This advises you of stock that is currently inavailable. Warehouse will be tracking this stock to ensure that it is back in stock as soon as possible. you may choose to be advised when the stock returns by clicking the icon 'Notify Me' beside the product tab.



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