Why Practitioner Only and Why these Supplements?


We are the ONLY, clinically focused distributor in Australia that wholly and solely has their focus on the practitioner.

We are family owned and operated, always has been and always will be.


We are often asked why these ranges? and not others?

There are so many products in the market place how does anyone know who to trust? When it comes to deciding which products to buy and which ranges to stock the practitioner is in many cases at the mercy of advertising and persuasive representatives.  

Ariya Health supports practitioners in clinic by supplying quality tools for your practice and company. As there are a number of considerations a practitioner must take into account when deciding which products they want to use. Conscience practitioners consider many aspects of product selection to ensure success in practice.

Such as:

  • Excipients – Are you getting the most from your supplements? Bioavailability and absorption. Can you trust your supplier to inform you?
  • Quality and Researched Formulations – Researched and synergist combination of ingredients is thoroughly considered when formulating the product. Are constituents competing for absorption? Do your lines disclose this?
  • Adverse reaction to nutrient supplements (Oropharyngeal irritation like heartburn, Gastric irritation (Nausea, appetite loss, dyspepsia), Intestinal irritation (Nausea, bloating, flatulence, loose stools), Allergenic reactions (rash, urticarial or angioedema), Abdominal pain & diarrhoea, Chemical sensitivity reactions (fatigue, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance, arthralgia / myalgia) Do you get the support you need when things go pear shaped?
  • Optimal product selection for sensitive patients (CFS, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gastritis, allergic disease) -  Does your supplier give you the technical support you need in answering these questions?
  • Is buying Australian important? Australian Owned, Australian researchers and technology, Financial Benefits to Australia?
  • Is buying practitioner only products important to you?

These are all questions that we have asked ourselves when deciding on our product suite. After much research and many hairy questions asked we feel certain that we carry the best ranges available today in Australia.

We believe in supporting ranges that can for a clinical practice boast products that are low allergy excipients free from added sugars, salt, wheat, corn, cereals, dairy products, yeasts, gluten, preservative, artificial colours and flavours.

Our belief lay in companies that disclose the excipients used so that we can pass on that information to the prescribing practitioner.

Practitioners usually focus on the list of active ingredients and the equally important excipients are often overlooked.

Companies like Bioconcepts, Biomedica, Biopharma and Nutrition Care as well as Mediherb put such belief in these ideals that they go against the industry standard and are happy to release this information. As well as releasing for sale only products of the highest quality.

These companies are leading the industry on excipient transparency. The technical team at Bioconcepts put a report together outlining the importance of excipients and detailed why this often unseen aspect of product formulation is overlooked and disregarded. Below is a compressed form of this article.


When providing evidence of superior formulation it is often important to clarify to patients what an excipients’ role is. Excipients are defined as 'non-active ingredients essential to the manufacturing process.' Their role is multifaceted; To prevent machinery clogging, binding nutrients, compressing tablets, and in the case of "fillers," are added to active ingredients in order to conform to the requirements of tableting and encapsulating equipment.

Excipients may, indeed, contribute to the desired effect of a supplement. For instance cellulose, a purified plant fibre, is used by many natural supplement manufacturers as a sustained-releasing agent. It also aids tablet disintegration when ingested. While most supplement manufacturers do not believe these excipients detract from the desired effect of a supplement, there are some that can be avoided to the benefit of the patient and to provide a more hypoallergenic and effective supplement.


Your supplement must disintegrate to be of benefit, regardless of your supplements’ price. Ideally, there should be no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives nor major allergens such as gluten, lactose or yeast. Always query the patient about any past experience with these possible allergens to avoid potential adverse reactions.

Since many excipients serve multiple functions, the exceptional aspect about DV/Orthoplex is that the excipients selected often have a supportive metabolic, cofactor or nutrient function as well. It is these aspects to the formulation that showcases their superiority over other brands.


The Pure Innovation, Dr Vera's and much of the Biomedica range is encapsulated in Vegicaps and therefore requires much fewer excipients than tablet supplements. Only silica, glycine and leucine are used as excipients in the Pure Innovations and Dr Vera's range. As mentioned the rest of the range use low allergenic excipients extensively from the ‘free from’ list.


It may not always be evident what excipients are contained in a supplement as, excipients may not only affect the absorption and bioavailability but also be a potential allergen. Excipients to consider are artificial colorants, preservatives, flavourings, fillers and other additives. Certain colourings have been shown to be carcinogenic and are banned in some countries. Sweeteners are common in supplements. Some also act as binders, disintegrates or coating agents and may be referred to as these rather than as sweeteners in marketing descriptions.

Further to this excipient consideration is the amount of a particular excipient in the product.


When addressing queries about the validity of supplements and offering comparison, it is best to address the core issue of absorption and bioavailability and why are you taking supplementation. Selection should be based on your body’s’ ability to absorb and utilise the nutrients and your supplement selection should not hinder this action.

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