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Supplement for gut health

Your modern diet and lifestyle may be directly affecting your gut. Our food has changed and too much sugar and too little plant polyphenols may be having a massive impact on your gut. Polyphenols are healthy parts of the peels, leaves, seeds, and sprouts of plants that impact your gut microbiome. A diverse microbiome is the epicenter of your gut health.

Just as we look to fortify our diet with foods high in nutrients, vitamins and fiber to compensate for our changing foods, eating and farming we can now do the same thing with them for the lower levels of polyphenols in our foods by adding GUTRIGHT modbiotics into your diet.

Serving Suggestion:
Kick start program: Take 5 grams (1 flat scoop) of GUTRIGHT mixed into honey 3 times daily with meals for 10 days following the Modbiotic Diet Protocol
Maintenance program: add 5grams (1 flat scoop) of GUTRIGHT mixed into water, juice, smoothie, NOWAY protein powder or honey daily.

Western Larch Heartwood Extract
Hibiscus Flower Extract
Resistant Starch (green lady finger banana)
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Theobroma Cacao Fruit
Nutmeg Fruit Extract
Cinnamon Bark Extract
Schisandra Berry Extract
Pomegranate Fruit peel
Pericarp Extract
Broccoli Sprout
Black Cherry Fruit Extract
Ginger Root
Rosemary leaf Extract
Apple Peel Extract
Cranberry Fruit Extract
Apple peel Extract
Radish Fruit
Kale Leaf, and sprout
Barley Sprout
Euterpe Oleracea Berry (Acai). Stevia Rebaudiana.
Clean Excipients Initiative:
Rice Extract (Oryza Sativa)

*Disclaimer: This is not a flavored Product. We have not added any additional flavourings. This is the taste of the herbs in their natural form, which are naturally astringent and can vary in taste with seasonal variations. If you are sensitive to taste, this may not be the product for you, check out our new product GutRight Daily.



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