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Neutral taste, easily mix in water or with yoghurt, smoothie, cereal
Free from ingredients containing allergens such as milk, egg, nuts, gluten and soy

Who is this for:
- Daily Peribiotics is recommended for children (5+ years of age) and adults with:
- Stomach bloating
- Excessive gas
- Diarrhoea
- Constipation
- Abdominal pain
- Heartburn
- Reflux
- Lethargy
- Nausea

Daily Peribiotics:
Peribiotics are not like the probiotics (live beneficial bacteria) or prebiotics (specific food for beneficial bacteria) you have heard about. Peribiotics (peri meaning ‘all encompassing’) is a new category of gut-health support that can simultaneously and positively affect gut cells and ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive environment (microbiome).

Specifically, Adepa PeribioticsTM are made with a proprietary spore-forming strain of the ‘good’ bacteria, Bacillus subtilis (BG01-4TM). Our strain naturally contains branched fats, which are an abundant fatty acid found in vernix caseosa which in turn is sloughs off the skin and is ingested by the developing foetus. Essentially, branched fats are the key components of your first meal as a baby. These branched fats support the development of gut cells, leading to a healthy immune system and additionally contributes to the foundational phase in the establishment of the microbiome.

Bacillus subtilis BG01-4TM 5 billion cells



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    Ariya Health is a breath of fresh air as a distributor of wholesale 'practitioner only' suppliers. Our relationship with the team has been exceptional from the first phone call with outstanding customer service, product knowledge, availability, distribution and reliability. Shilo has an exceptional encyclopedia of knowledge readily & freely supplied without delay; Tia is available to answer questions, share her experience and support us at ground roots level and Christina is super detailed and thoughtful ensuring our products are supplied and delivered promptly. Indeed a pleasure to partner with a thorough and professional company, mutually supporting our practitioners to deliver the best available products, results and creating a community of wellness.
    - Kate Hyde Braz - Kirra Chiropractic